Privacy policy

Sungchang Enterprise Holdings Limited (SCEH) is dedicated to your privacy, and maintains its compliance to "ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC." SCEH's Privacy Policy is your source of information on how and where your personal data is used, and what measures are taken to protect your personal data. In case when SCEH is compelled to make changes to its Privacy Policy, it will publicly post this information on its website. ο This policy is effective May 1, 2009.

■ Personal data collected SCEH collects personal data for product inquiry, Investor Relations inquiry, career inquiry, etc.

ο Data collected: name, email, phone number
ο Method of collection: Web page ( ), email

■ Purpose of collection and usage of personal data SCEH uses collected personal data for following purposes:

ο Replies to inquiry, distribution of news regarding SCEH

■ Period of possession and usage SCEH, upon fulfillment of its purpose of collection and usage of personal data, destroys the information without delay or exception.

■ Personal data destruction process and method
SCEH, upon fulfillment of its purpose of collection and usage of personal data, destroys the information without delay or exception. The process and method of destruction are as follows:

ο Destruction process
The data you entered for membership, etc, upon fulfillment of its purpose, is destroyed (please see "period of possession and usage) in accordance with internal policies and privacy protection guidelines outlined in pertinent laws and regulations. Your personal data will not be used for any other purposes, except when compelled by law.

ο Method of destruction
- Any personal data saved in digital file format will be deleted using technologies that prevent its recovery.
- Any personal data printed in paper will be either shredded or burned.

■ Cookie usage
SCEH does not use cookies.

■ Distribution of personal data
SCEH does not distribute your personal data to outside firms. Should a need arise to do so, SCEH will inform you of the person(s) or firms who will receive your personal data and the reasons to do so, and receive your prior permission if necessary.

■ Rights of user or her legal representative and exercise of such rights
The user may, at any time, access or modify his/her personal data registered by SCEH, and request that SCEH destroy his/her personal data. Or, the user may contact the company's personal data manager through writing, phone, or email, and SCEH will respond without delay. SCEH disposes any personal data destroyed or deleted due to user request in accordance with "Period of possession and usage" of its privacy policy, and ensures that the data cannot be accessed or used for any other purposes.

■ Contact Information
SCEH designates personal data manager that protects customer privacy and respond to complaints regarding privacy.

Name: Park, Sean
Phone: 02-6255-0221

You may direct all complaints or reports regarding privacy while using SCEH's services to the personal data manager or pertinent offices of the company. SCEH will provide adequate answers to users' complaints or reports without delay. Please direct complaints or counsel regarding other privacy violations to agencies listed below:

1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (
2. Personal Information Protection Mark Accreditation Committee (
3. Supreme Prosecutor's Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (
4. Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (